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Images for several FreeBSD releases are available:

  1. FreeBSD 7.1
    Size (compressed/uncompressed): 85 MBytes / 458 MBytes
    Link: http://lapo.it/virtualbox/FreeBSD-ZFS-Amnesiac.7z
    Active user account(s) (username/password):
    Notes: barebone install from standard ISO image using ZFS as file system, Guest Additions not installed
  2. FreeBSD 7.1 + xfce4
    Size (compressed/uncompressed): 286,6 MBytes / 1,8 GBytes
    Link: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/virtualboximage/FreeBSD-7.1-i386-xfce4.7z
    Active user account(s) (username/password): root/toor, User/devil
    Notes: Bash shell and nano are installed.

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