Fedora 16 is here (Gnome i686)

you can download the image here.

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5 Responses to Fedora 16 is here (Gnome i686)

  1. Cool but I’m not so kind to use fedora, it evolves too fast…

  2. jim jones says:

    You should really put these on torrent, it would be much more sustainable. Not to mention I’m getting a measly 50KB/s from the web download 😥 Why a server has to host a file on HTTP over torrent is beyond me.

    • @jim jones
      Souceforge is the best choice for us, all the files are mirrored quickly. After that VB image is uploaded, this is available in few seconds. The torrent way is very difficult for our team, http way it is a historic choice. Sorry about that! Choose a different mirror and try again.

  3. Jim Grendal says:

    I downloaded the Fedora16 today and found that the root password doesn’t work. I’ve tried ‘reverse’ (as shown), ‘tooroot’, and ‘toorroot’ but have had no luck. What is the password for root?

    Thank you

  4. Hi Jim,
    the root password is ‘reverse’. You can verify it in a text console (R-Ctrl+F1) or with ‘su’ command. If you want enable the root GUI login (NOT ADVICED), read this:


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