New image available: Ubuntu 15.04 x86_64

A new image of Ubuntu 15.04 x86_64 is available.

You can start downloading by clicking here.

Archlinux 2014.09 image available

An x86_64 image of Archlinux 2014.09 is now available, contributed by Rene Rasmussen.

Note that a Danish keyboard layout (with an English locale) is selected: please read carefully the information file supplied with the image.

New image releases: OpenSUSE 13.1 from Dennis Schneck

Hi there,

we now have an OpenSUSE 13.1 image thanks to Dennis Schneck who has already provided the 12.x image.

Tracker changes

Hi there.
I would like to inform you that the tracker has been discontinued, so I kindly ask you to download the updated .torrent files and restart seeding to make life easier to new downloaders that do not use DHT .

Thank you very much.

Gentoo 2013-10-10 x86_64 OVA available

A new Gentoo image for x86_64, contributed by Tom Hendrikx, is available for download.