VirtualBox 1.6

Hey guys!

VirtualBox 1.6 came out on May 2 2008, so I downloaded it a few minutes ago, and it runs everything great on my Windows XP lappy!

“The first major release since

being acquired by

Sun Microsystems is now available.”

Some of the new features are PAE (yay!), and Solaris host support, there are many more new features so check out the full changelog!

I recommend everyone upgrades to this new version, plus it’s free so what can you lose?



Although not recommended (nor supported), I hear that older versions of VirtualBox are on floating around on the web. So if you don’t like 1.6 you can switch back to an old version that works.

Even More Distros To Come!

Hey, I’m Scotty from over at RIBO Labs, and I’m pleased to say that I’m now part of the VirtualBox Image team!

Next week I will be uploading gOS 2.9, and intux. Then Ubuntu 8.04, and Fedora 9 shortly after their releases, to say nothing about what the other members will be uploading!