CentOS 5.10 base x86 is here.

You can download the images here


Notes: Installed from netinstall. Some services have been disabled at boot,

use ‘chkconfig’ or ‘ntsysv’ to activate them if necessary.


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www.toolinux.it - www.virtualboxes.org - adoldo.wordpress.com - Linux user & Android fan

3 Responses to CentOS 5.10 base x86 is here.

  1. Johan E. Bengtsson says:

    Sorry to bother you, but where&how can I start an own thread in this forum (first time user of VirtualBox)? I have an installation issue.

    The Contact Us page mentions “public comments”; but I fail to find the starting point for that. I am sure it is mentioned somewhere, I just can’t find it. Mysterious.

    Your help will be much appreciated,

    • There is not a support forum per se.
      If you have issues with a particular image we provide (say, the CentOS 5.10 base x86 one), you can use the comment area of the relevant post (here).

  2. Johan E. Bengtsson says:

    Thanks for explaining this. I find that there is no post about Damn Small Linux since 2008, and comments are closed on that post. I conclude that I should not be trying to use DSL!

    Let’s close this discussion, and apologies for the disturbance in this unrelated comment thread.

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