CentOS 6.6 minimal x86_64 is here.

You can download the images here

Notes: Installed from CentOS-6.6-x86_64-minimal.iso; Guest Additions NOT installed, fix eth0 up at boot, US keyboard

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5 Responses to CentOS 6.6 minimal x86_64 is here.

  1. Ilaiya says:

    May I know where I can get the local login id/passwd for that vdi file??

  2. Hi Ilaiya
    there is an active user account:

    username: root
    password: reverse


  3. Helen says:

    A few days ago I took a dedicated server with a centos 6 64 bits installed.
    The problem is that when trying to install sentora or cpanel-whm, it show the
    following message:
    Checking that minimal requirements are ok
    Detected : CentOs 6 x86_64
    DB server will be mySQL
    It appears that package mysql is already installed. This installer
    is designed to install and configure Sentora on a clean OS installation only!

    Please re-install your OS before attempting to install using this script.

    I contacted the support team of this company (Nocix), asking them to install centos 6 minimal, but the people working there just don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about or they just don’t want to do so.
    I would appreciate very much if someone could give me an answer on what to do with this server. Days are running and I can’t work with this server.
    Thank you

    • Hi Helen,
      I checked the packages installed in this image and found these packages:


      I think you have to remove at least “mysql-libs” before install your software.

      because there are dependencies with mysql-libs, unfortunately the rpms “cronie cronie-anacron crontabs postfix” will be removed.


      • Helen says:

        Thank you Antonio. I tried your suggestion but didn’t work. Still hoping for a solution.Once again thanks.

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