Images for several Ubuntu flavours are available.

Latest: Lubuntu 12.10

  1. Lubuntu 11.04 x86
    Size (compressed/uncompressed): 425.7 MBytes / 2.00 GBytes
    Active user account(s) (username/password): ubuntu/reverse
  2. Lubuntu 12.10 x86
    Size (compressed/uncompressed): 531.7 MBytes / 2.70 GBytes
    Active user account(s) (username/password): lubuntu/lubuntu

18 Responses to Lubuntu

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  2. rico001 says:

    How do you login as root, is there a password? Thanks

  3. leon1998 says:

    Login with the username ubuntu and the oassword reverse, open a terninal, write sudo passwd root and put the pàssword what you want for the root user. After, shutdown Ubuntu (DO NOT close the VM, your changes will be lost), and login with the username root and the password that you’ve chosen. I hope that was helpful.

  4. virtual box says:


  5. Dan says:

    Thanks; however, neither (lubuntu/reverse) nor (Lubuntu/reverse) work. (I have got other Virtual Machines working with some username based on “ubuntu” and password “reverse” but not this one.)

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  7. I am encountering some problem while logging in too. Can somebody help?

  8. I would like to request a x64 bit copy of a Lubuntu virtualbox image. I know many people who would appreciate it for 64-bit program compatibility.

  9. balanza says:

    well, i got an image for free and that is priceless… btw, I swearing blood, not even ‘make’ command is installed!

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  11. Robert says:

    Can someone do a straight forward How-To share a folder in the lubuntu guest with a windows (7) host. I have tried a variety of things looking for hints on the web. One difficulty for me is that it keeps referring to a “devices” menu – I have never found this, perhaps because I have a new version of virtualbox and the hints are (several) years old. Perhaps an expert can do a fresh one.

  12. If you want a modern Lubuntu version you can download 18.04 LTS version here:

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