Troubles uploading new images to Amazon S3

Hi there,
I am experiencing severe troubles in uploading new images to Amazon S3 (upload regularly break midway), including some contributed ones.
I had to stop trying for several days as I have been busy, but I will do it again from tonight (GMT+1) on.

In the meantime, we would like you to suggest through our Contact forms other cloud storage providers, if any, that:

  1. Provide multi-user access
  2. Can act as BitTorrent seeding machine for files (to ease our bills)

Thank you.

BitTorrent only releases from now on

From now on, every new release will be done exclusively through BitTorrent.
With the money we have been earning through the ads running in this site we have generated enough income to pay for permanent BitTorrent tracking & seeding for new images, as SourceForge upload have failed more than once.

We ask you to keep seeding the images you have downloaded as long as you can, to make downloads faster and ease our data costs.

Fedora 13 is here

Fedora 13 virtual disk image can be downloaded from here (or from the download page as usual)