Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is here (x86)

You can download it from here.

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19 Responses to Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is here (x86)

  1. Alessandro says:

    I have added this image on VirtualBox 4.1.8 (host Windows 7) and all it’s OK.
    Then, when in Ubuntu there are software updates, I install them and the screen resolution became 800×600 (the right one should be 1366×768); so I install the Guest Additions and, at the reboot, the screen resolution is right, but the destop is empty and neither toolbars on the top and on the left appear (http://i39.tinypic.com/33aqbf4.png).
    Why? What should I do to solve this problem? Thanks.

  2. @alessandro
    I think that you can modify the video RAM amount to 64:128 RAM, remove guest additions, reboot and reintall them.
    Please test if login to gnome classic (gnome-fallback) solve the problem, unity is is a mystery.


  3. Alessandro says:

    I have tried to set the video RAM to 128 MB but nothing changes.
    How can I do to remove Guest Additions?

  4. To remove GA, mount the ISO of GuestAdditions, move to correct path and execute:

    sh ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run uninstall

    alternatively read this topic:

    This code seems to work:
    sudo find /etc -name "*vboxadd*" -exec rm {} \;
    sudo find /etc -name "*vboxvfs*" -exec rm {} \;
    sudo rm -r /usr/src/vboxadd-*
    sudo rm -r /usr/src/vboxvfs-*
    sudo rm /usr/sbin/vboxadd-timesync
    sudo rm /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/vboxadd.ko
    sudo rm /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/vboxvfs.ko


  5. Thanks! The code at the end of your message was the right one, although some files or directories was not found when I type some commands, but when I have rebooted the system, now it works!

    P.S.: Why are we speaking in English if we are both Italian? 😀

  6. @ale83
    Hi, here there are people from all the world, all the comments are preferable in english, sorry.
    If you want can write me by mail for private questions, in italian of course 😉
    My english are bad, I think.

  7. ale83_webmaster says:

    Don’t worry, I was joking. 😉
    Anyway, now I have installed again new updates and the problem was again here, but, after I have executed the command lines you suggested me, it’s all OK now.
    So I have to do this every time I install some update…

    Thanks for the help! 🙂

  8. Merlin Ran says:

    Just two naive question:
    1. What’s the root password? toor doesn’t work…
    2. Keyboard mapping is for Italians? It all mess up when I type special characters such as / or – in my standard keyboard.

  9. @Merlin Ran
    root have a scrambled password as all ubuntu installations.
    If you you want assign one to root, use the ‘sudo’ feature:

    sudo passwd root

    For the keyboard question, instead, reconfigure console-setup

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup


  10. ale83_webmaster says:

    Where can I find the shared folder that I set in VirtualBox into Ubuntu?

  11. ale83_webmaster says:

    I have found a “sf_Shared_folder” in /media but it says I don’t have sufficient permissions to view its contents…

  12. @ale83_webmaster
    Look here:


    “Access to auto-mounted shared folders is only granted to the user group vboxsf…….”


    • ale83_webmaster says:

      I have added the user ubuntu (who is an administrator user) to the group vboxsf with the command:
      sudo adduser ubuntu vboxsf
      but I can’t access to that folder anyway…

  13. @ale83_webmaster
    in practice add your user to ‘vboxsf’ group in the guest machine, after set your folder as “automatic mount”, restart the service vboxadd-service and logon again or use ‘sudo’ to list the folder /media/sf_xxxxx (root/vboxsf, 0770 permissions)

    sudo adduser $USER vboxsf
    sudo service vboxadd-service restart


    • ale83_webmaster says:

      The answer to this command is
      vboxadd-service: unrecognized service

      Anyway, after a reboot, now I can open that folder, but it’s empty.
      Then, I have tried to put a file into it, but going in the shared folder in the host OS I see only the files I have added from that OS.

  14. A question.
    Why in the list of the installed languages is there also Chinese, even if it isn’t really installed? Is it possible to remove it definitely and how?

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