Status update: switching to BitTorrent for content distribution

If you were thinking this was another died project, well, you were wrong. Uploading problems have hindered planned updates, at least for me. I’m planning on switching newer images to BitTorrent, and I need your support to propagate them. Also, for the sake of simplicity, I will be distributing VDIs only, as creating new machines is now a streamlined process. Stay tuned.

We now accept donations

If you wish, you can donate us a few bucks. At the moment, they would be used for:

  • getting a second-level domain name: 9,50 € / 15 $ per year
  • new hardware provisions: what is available

The PayPal button is there for you to use. Thank you in advance.

The project isn’t dead

Some of my boxes are, though.
I’m in the process of replacing them with some spare hardware. Please be patient.