New image releases: OpenSUSE 13.1 from Dennis Schneck

Hi there,

we now have an OpenSUSE 13.1 image thanks to Dennis Schneck who has already provided the 12.x image.

New images for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Archlinux

At long last I have been able to upload these new images:

Note that the Archlinux image is actually split in two torrents. From now on, every OVA larger than 1,9 GBytes will be split in several pieces, as I have found that bigger files have an extremely high chance of error in uploads to my Amazon S3 bucket (I don’t know the reason at the moment, and have no time to investigate further).

This is not a definite truth, as I have been able to successfully upload the 2.5 GBytes Archlinux OVA without any splitting, so if you have any clues, I would like to hear from you through the contact form.



New image releases: Icaros Desktop 1.5, OpenSUSE 12.2 from the community

Hi there,

we now have an OpenSUSE 12.2 and an Icaros Desktop 1.5 images, thanks to Dennis Schneck and Timothy Deters, respectively.

Special purpose appliance: Grails (Ubuntu 12.04 Server x86)

Stefan Armbruster has kindly provided a Grails development appliance for us to use. He prepared it for a workshop he gave during Gr8Conf Europe 2012.
It’s based on Ubuntu 12.04 Server (32-bit).

You can find Stefan’s files in our Special purpose images page, or directly here.

Special purpose appliance: Gitorious (Ubuntu 11.10 Server x86)

Jason Huebel has kindly provided a Gitorious appliance for us to use.
It’s based on a git clone from 20120320 and Ubuntu 11.10 Server (32-bit).

You can find Jason’s files here.