OpenSolaris 2008.05 is here!

I just uploaded the first image of OpenSolaris, the new open source OS created by Sun Microsystems and based on Solaris.

You can download this new image from here!


New image: Milax 0.3.2

Milax is a lightweight distro based on Solaris “Nevada”

You can download the image here

Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris is here!

I just uploaded Nexenta 1.0!

You can download it here.

I splitted the image in three different segments: nexenta-1.0.x86__a, nexenta-1.0.x86__b and nexenta-1.0.x86__c.

To use this image you have to download all the segments in which the image was splitted and concatenate the files into a single .7z file.

If you are under a UNIX-like system, you have to use the cat command:

cat nexenta-1.0.x86__a nexenta-1.0.x86__b nexenta-1.0.x86__c > nexenta-1.0.x86.7z

If you are under Windows, you can use the copy command from the command prompt (MS-DOS prompt in all Windows versions up to Windows Millennium Edition), as such:

verify on
copy /b nexenta-1.0.x86__a + nexenta-1.0.x86__b + nexenta-1.0.x86__c nexenta-1.0.x86.7z