Milax 0.5 is here.

You can download the latest image here.

Milax 0.4 is here!

You can download the image here.

OpenSolaris 2009.06 is here!

You can download it from here!

New image: Milax 0.3.2

Milax is a lightweight distro based on Solaris “Nevada”

You can download the image here

Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris is here!

I just uploaded Nexenta 1.0!

You can download it here.

I splitted the image in three different segments: nexenta-1.0.x86__a, nexenta-1.0.x86__b and nexenta-1.0.x86__c.

To use this image you have to download all the segments in which the image was splitted and concatenate the files into a single .7z file.

If you are under a UNIX-like system, you have to use the cat command:

cat nexenta-1.0.x86__a nexenta-1.0.x86__b nexenta-1.0.x86__c > nexenta-1.0.x86.7z

If you are under Windows, you can use the copy command from the command prompt (MS-DOS prompt in all Windows versions up to Windows Millennium Edition), as such:

verify on
copy /b nexenta-1.0.x86__a + nexenta-1.0.x86__b + nexenta-1.0.x86__c nexenta-1.0.x86.7z