Archlinux 2014.09 image available

An x86_64 image of Archlinux 2014.09 is now available, contributed by Rene Rasmussen.

Note that a Danish keyboard layout (with an English locale) is selected: please read carefully the information file supplied with the image.

Special purpose appliance: Grails (Ubuntu 12.04 Server x86)

Stefan Armbruster has kindly provided a Grails development appliance for us to use. He prepared it for a workshop he gave during Gr8Conf Europe 2012.
It’s based on Ubuntu 12.04 Server (32-bit).

You can find Stefan’s files in our Special purpose images page, or directly here.


Special purpose appliance: Gitorious (Ubuntu 11.10 Server x86)

Jason Huebel has kindly provided a Gitorious appliance for us to use.
It’s based on a git clone from 20120320 and Ubuntu 11.10 Server (32-bit).

You can find Jason’s files here.

MINIX 3.2.0 is here.

You can download the image here.

ReactOS 0.3.12 is here.

You can download the image here.