Puppy Linux image by Johann Loefflmann

Yesterday I received an e-mail by Johann Loefflmann. Johann has installed Puppy Linux 3.01 on a VirtualBox® image and wanted me to share it with you. Johann wrote:

Hi Emanuele,
my name is Johann and I’m from Germany. I found your page quite useful!

I have created instructions how to install Puppy Linux 3.01 in a Virtualbox. See also http://www.jonelo.de/os/how-to-install-puppy-linux-3.01-on-virtualbox.txt
An actual Virtual machine can be downloaded from http://www.jonelo.de/java/bigal/#Download.
Why? Go to http://www.jonelo.de/java/bigal/index.html#virtual if you would like to know my motivation for that task. Feel free to use my instructions or the machine for your project 🙂

This image includes BigAl, a piece of Java software written by Johann that does complex calculations. Someone might find interesting to use.