images are now listed on CloudZoom virtual appliance marketplace

It has been a while since our images are available through them, but now it’s official:

CloudZoom announces the addition of virtual appliances from to it’s virtual appliance marketplace. The CloudZoom marketplace provides a simple, fast, and convenient way to find virtual appliances spanning multiple vendors and hypervisors. CloudZoom is combining the silos of unique, vendor specific or hypervisor specific catalogs, into a virtual appliance supermarket.

If you are tempted to ask “Who cares?” – and even if you aren’t – I would answer you to get better informed about what CloudZoom is. From their very own words:

CloudZoom is a virtual appliance marketplace, providing users with a comprehensive catalog of virtual appliances for use with VMware, Amazon, Xen, KVM, Parallels and VirtualBox. CloudZoom strives to be a destination for those interested in virtual appliances and related services. A multiyear plan for rolling out products and services is in the works.

CloudZoom is a startup based out of New Hampshire. Find more information on Facebook, and Twitter.

In the original (very very grand) plans behind I had foreseen something very similar to this platform-agnostic vendor-independent appliance catalog site, for both freely available and pay-for-download images, but I did ultimately not find enough strength, time, and patience to set up everything. Turns up I would have had to found a startup 😀

I ask every one of you to pay more than one visit to CloudZoom as I think it is mostly for services like it that we will see a growth in use of operating system virtualization by the most general audience possible. Also, if you are not that technically-savvy (or you are but lack time), please consider asking them to build a custom appliance for you: I bet you will not be disappointed.

New Image: Archlinux 2009.02

I’ve thrown in only a basic GNOME Desktop Environment and something else (Firefox, Pidgin,Brasero…….). Use pacman in order to install any thing you want.

You can download it from here!

ReactOS 0.3.9 is here!

You can download it from here!

PCLinuxOS 2007 image available

Go get it here.

Dreamlinux 3.1 (XFCE version) is here!

Another image is ready: Dreamlinux 3.1 (with XFCE).

The last update using APT was done on 4/9/2008.

You can download it here.