Puppy Linux 5.0 Lucid is Here.

You can download the image here.

Puppy Linux 4.1.1 is here.

You can download the latest version of Puppy Linux from here.

Puppy Linux 4.0 is here!

This images has been provided by Domenico Di Misa.

You can downlonad it by clicking here!

Puppy Linux image by Johann Loefflmann

Yesterday I received an e-mail by Johann Loefflmann. Johann has installed Puppy Linux 3.01 on a VirtualBox® image and wanted me to share it with you. Johann wrote:

Hi Emanuele,
my name is Johann and I’m from Germany. I found your page quite useful!

I have created instructions how to install Puppy Linux 3.01 in a Virtualbox. See also http://www.jonelo.de/os/how-to-install-puppy-linux-3.01-on-virtualbox.txt
An actual Virtual machine can be downloaded from http://www.jonelo.de/java/bigal/#Download.
Why? Go to http://www.jonelo.de/java/bigal/index.html#virtual if you would like to know my motivation for that task. Feel free to use my instructions or the machine for your project 🙂

This image includes BigAl, a piece of Java software written by Johann that does complex calculations. Someone might find interesting to use.