Fedora 13 is here

Fedora 13 virtual disk image can be downloaded from here (or from the download page as usual)

Ubuntu 10.04 is here

Note: This is the first BitTorrent-based release, so if it doesn’t work please tell me!

Ubuntu 10.04 torrent can be downloaded from here (or from the download page as usual)

Status update: switching to BitTorrent for content distribution

If you were thinking this was another died project, well, you were wrong. Uploading problems have hindered planned updates, at least for me. I’m planning on switching newer images to BitTorrent, and I need your support to propagate them. Also, for the sake of simplicity, I will be distributing VDIs only, as creating new machines is now a streamlined process. Stay tuned.

Second-level domain name and documentation update

Hi there everybody. Time for some news.

  1. We finally have a second-level domain name: I took too much time to think about that (the most obvious ones already belong to somebody else :-D), then I decided to go the easy way :-D.Now, you can use virtualboxes.org and virtualbox.wordpress.com indifferently, you’ll get there. You do not need to update your existing links, but we encourage you to use virtualboxes.org in new ones, as we find it easy to remember (and that’s a good use for 15$ :-)).
  2. We also have a new theme: since our posts are brief, that’s the right site to give P2 a chance. We also plan to enable comments (they are very fast and easy to use in P2) and use them as replacement for the (dying) forums.
  3. Our documentation has never been plentiful; maybe it will never become as so, but I will (slowly) try to catch the most common questions I know you’ve asked in several mailing lists (we’ve never acknowledged the support you give to us, so it’s time: thanks!) and add them. First comes a little guide to manage username and passwords in GNU/Linux, Free/Net/OpenBSD and other UN*X and UN*X-like virtual machines.

New image: Ubuntu 9.04 (x86_64)

Courtesy of Rainer Posel (thanks Rainer!), you can get an image of Ubuntu Linux 9.04 (x86_64 flavour) from here. Note that you need an x86_64 host system to use it.