PCLinuxOS 2009.2 is here!

You can download it from here!

ReactOS 0.3.9 is here!

You can download it from here!

Even More Distros To Come!

Hey, I’m Scotty from over at RIBO Labs, and I’m pleased to say that I’m now part of the VirtualBox Image team!

Next week I will be uploading gOS 2.9, and intux. Then Ubuntu 8.04, and Fedora 9 shortly after their releases, to say nothing about what the other members will be uploading!



PCLinuxOS 2007 image available

Go get it here.

Dreamlinux 3.1 (XFCE version) is here!

Another image is ready: Dreamlinux 3.1 (with XFCE).

The last update using APT was done on 4/9/2008.

You can download it here.