Archlinux 2014.09 image available

An x86_64 image of Archlinux 2014.09 is now available, contributed by Rene Rasmussen.

Note that a Danish keyboard layout (with an English locale) is selected: please read carefully the information file supplied with the image.

New images for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Archlinux

At long last I have been able to upload these new images:

Note that the Archlinux image is actually split in two torrents. From now on, every OVA larger than 1,9 GBytes will be split in several pieces, as I have found that bigger files have an extremely high chance of error in uploads to my Amazon S3 bucket (I don’t know the reason at the moment, and have no time to investigate further).

This is not a definite truth, as I have been able to successfully upload the 2.5 GBytes Archlinux OVA without any splitting, so if you have any clues, I would like to hear from you through the contact form.



Archlinux 2011.08.19 is here (base and gnome)

You can download the images here

New Image: Archlinux 2009.02

I’ve thrown in only a basic GNOME Desktop Environment and something else (Firefox, Pidgin,Brasero…….). Use pacman in order to install any thing you want.

You can download it from here!