PCLinuxOS 2009.2 is here!

You can download it from here!

reactOS 0.3.10 is here!

You can download it from here!

Stay tuned

Several new images are coming. Stay tuned!!

Testers wanted, and pocket donations

Hi there. I’m in the process of preparing several new images – one of them should be, at last, OpenSUSE 10.0, and a fixed FreeDOS 1.0 one.
As I have time, I would like to receive some more feedback, especially from Windows users: there are reportedly troubles in the steps to follow to load images, or simply I’ve done wrong assumptions.

The title also talks about donations: we are not in a hurry about that, but as this site is getting “hotter”, I would like to buy a second-level domain; I had planned to do that sometime during the next summer, but if you have some spare bucks and want to use them, it’s time to stop wondering how to 🙂 :

  • Register to WordPress.com, and log in.
  • In your Global Dashboard, click on Updates (the last link on the right in the menu bar), and then on Gifts. Set the username to gsdefender, and choose how much you want to send me.
  • Domain buyout + setup costs 15$. If you live in the E.U., you should have a “fair” 😉 conversion rate.

    Stay tuned.


Website created

innotek VirtualBox® Images web site is at https://virtualbox.wordpress.com/. Please refer to it for any news you are looking for.